Brett Reid


My coaching focus is on young triathletes (13-19 years) and middle distance runners.


Why is my focus here?


This is the stage of athlete development when it is critical to ensure the young person gets the correct support and sound advice. It’s also a lot of fun and you get a chance to contribute to a young person’s life beyond sport.


I have achieved coaching qualifications with TriNZ, Tri Australia, Athletics NZ and Coaching NZ but equally importantly I have been coaching for many years and have worked in a number of roles in a range of development and high performance environments across a number of sports.  I have also spent time with many outstanding national and international coaches, and they have been generous enough to share their knowledge and experience.


If you would like to discuss your (or your son/daughter’s) triathlon or middle distance running goals with me or you are simply wanting some information and guidance on developing young athletes, please contact me!


“Winning is a great servant but a poor master”



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