Helen O'Shaughnessy


My coaching focus is on age-group triathletes.  I can work with anyone from beginners to athletes preparing for World Champs.


Why is my focus here?


I see triathlon as part of a healthy active lifestyle.  I also believe in the mental health benefits of triathlon.  I remember vividly the huge boost to my confidence when I completed my first Ironman.


I also remember the people that were around me at that time.  I was lucky as I had terrific mentors that coached me and prevented me from making a lot of mistakes.  I want to be that coach for someone to help them achieve their goals and not fall before the start-line.


My passion is also exercise as therapy.  I work in clinical exercise, mostly people with heart conditions, at all ages and all levels of fitness, so I help people deal with fear and anxiety around getting back to normal life, as well as doing exercise training.  I’ve been a triathlete since 1991 and have been a competitive age-grouper at World Champs level, at sprint, standard and Ironman (Kona) distances.


I have a BSc in Sport Science and post grad qualifications in clinical exercise.  I have also achieved a Level 1 coaching qualification with Tri NZ.


I am currently an affiliated coach with the Black Sands Triathlon Club in West Auckland.


“If at first you don’t succeed tri, tri, again”





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