2019 - 2020 Annual Memberships


Welcome to our membership page. You will find out all you need to know here about the benefits of being a Black Sands Triathlon Club member and you can also go ahead and join right here on our site!!

Benefits of being a member of our club

FREE Tribe Membership

Not only does our FREE tribe membership save you from purchasing day licences for races, it also comes with its own offers!

  • $30 off 2XU purchase

  • 20% Training Peaks discount

  • Competitive International Insurance


Follow their Facebook page for more offers.

Free Gift for the first 30 sign ups each year

In addition to your TriNZ Tribe membership we will gift our first 30 members of each year with a free ..... gift! 

This will be sent out with your membership card after you have completed the form and sent payment.

You're welcome!!!!

Discount Nutrition

Is Nutrition the 4th or 5th discipline of Triathlon? I can never remember!

Anyway ..

We have joined forces with the amazing team at Pure Nutrition to offer our members an awesome 15% discount!  

Discount Race Entry!!

We have various discount codes for various races for you to use .......... variously.

And if you're lucky you might end up being famous!!!

Associate Department of Cycling Membership

Do you like cycling? Of course you do!

Well despite what you've heard about the grudge between cyclists and triathletes, we are actually quite fond of them.  To show that, DOC are offering our members a $45 discount on their membership.


Click on the pic and take a look around their site and all the benefits of being a member of both Black Sands and DOC                   ----> 

Swim Shop Discount

So we're sat there minding our own business, and our friends over at swimshop.co.nz say:

"Hey, we like you guys, here have some discount!"

Now hurry up and join and we'll be able to share the secret discount code with you.

Access to our Awesome range of Casual clothing

Oh you're a triathlete? I would never have guessed other than the fact you're covered head to toe in IronMan apparel!

Here at Black Sands we don't have that problem! In addition to our race and training kit we have a subtle stylish way to tell people that you're better than them.

Event Support

Sure, you've seen us at the events!

That's probably why you're reading this right now!

Come and make yourself at home pre race, give your supporters somewhere to stay sheltered during the race and come and share your excuses for your poor performance with us post race.

The highest quality sausages cooked by questionable quality chefs served as post race nutrition.


(17 yrs and above)




(while stocks last)



(16 yrs and under)




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