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Swim Squad is back on - turbo charge your swim prep!

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

With the lifting of restrictions to Level 2.5, we are happy to be resume our weekly swim squad sessions at West Wave Pools under the guidance of our resident coach, Liam Bird.

What happens @ Squad?

We have 2 lanes booked every week and swimmers are free to choose the lane that suits them in terms of pace and experience. We pride ourselves on catering for everyone. Ask anyone who attends and they'll tell you it's fun, it's informative and you will grow in confidence and get faster by attending.

How far do we swim?

That all depends! Some weeks we focus on technique, some week we focus on strength, others on fitness. It all depends where we are at in the plan that Liam has formulated based on the needs of everyone who attends.

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