How to do Triathlon...


Here are a few tips and tricks that might help make your life in triathlon a bit easier to manage and a lot more enjoyable. We've scoured the internet and spoken to tri-guru's to put together some of the most useful information we can find. 


Please note:  The links below will often take you to other websites - if the link doesn't work - Let us know


Winter Training - a few tips from Teresa Adam Coaching

Pro Swim Tips - questions posed to the best in the game

Getting into a wetsuit - Bevan Docherty how to video

Sighting while swimming - great tips and drills for the pool too


Good From Running - 4 concepts to make you run faster, longer

Pace calculators - Amazing pace management tools for all

When do I need new shoes? - tips from people in the know

Trail Running - 12 Tips from expert trail runners



New Zealand Road Code for Cyclists - a must read for ALL cyclists

Changing a tyre - watch a video with Marc Jenkins - Olympian

Auckland Road Conditions - planning a ride? Check the roads first

Bike Handling - some great drills to improve your bike skills


Transition planning tips - the do's and dont's in a nutshell

Race Day Nutrition - Dave Scott's Top 5 Tips

Race Day Checklist Builder - a cool tool to help you plan

Race Time Calculator - estimate your race time

Family Friendly Season Planning - make it a family affair


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